Our babies change so quickly in the first year and this is something that is really worth catching and keeping hold of... My "Watch Me Grow" display is unbelievably popular and such a beautiful keepsake of your little one over their first few stages of development and personality.


The 3 pictures that will finally make up your completed display will be chosen over 3 shoots to show your baby's stages of growth from baby/newborn to toddler.


You can choose your own timings but as a guide, the first stage could be when your baby is tiny (between newborn-4 months) the second stage when they are sitting (approx 7-8 months) and the final stage as the landmark 1st year where your little one will be able to stand holding on!  You will receive an entire photo shoot on each of these stages so there will be plenty of options for your 'watch me grow' pictures along with plenty of scope for you to have additional prints should you wish.  


Once complete these 3 special images will be set to a Deluxe Triple Canvas.  I really believe it will be something you will treasure forever... x


This whole 'Watch me Grow' costs just £60..


As it is so accessible, it is often purchased as a well received gift voucher for a friend or colleague if they are pregnant, on maternity leave or have a new baby.  This is a very thoughtful and personal gift at such a special time of their life and chances are they probably have baby grows and cuddly toys already coming out of their ears!


CALL NOW  to find out more.    

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Watch Me Grow - Deluxe Triple Canvas...

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